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and licked and I and I crazy, and gently suck my balls. We spend hours enjoying their bodies. He loves having her nipples sucked and bitten hard to get my teeth to feel and chew on them. Mine are more sensitiveBut he is there and that I will develop until it was adopted as their own. I wonder, my nipples are very sensitive, if they ever learn, will? But the cock! Beneath her ​​head in her mouth -wow! It produces more precum that I have never experienced before, and their sweet and slightly salty flavor is incredible. Your penis when erect is about 8 inches long, maybe a little more, but the scale ! I can not help that the hull and a small length of the arrow in the mouth, although my experience has bj technique panting with pleasure. I do not use my teeth at all, but my lips and my mouth and my tongue, and I've had people come hard on my mouth because I'm fine. But this guy, you have to concentrate on his helmet, but it makes it crazy. If I suck on his balls, each filled my mouth is so freudbox big, and they taste as good as his pre-cum. It has a nice, big foreskin, wide, too ( I cut), so I pull the foreskin back over the hull andMy tongue and around the head and tail of your urine slit and licks her abundant precum love to taste, then moved to the mouth and freudbox share the taste freudbox of its juice with it. A Sometimes I lie, the big piece of meat lying face down next to my small penis, fuck honey smeared on my pubic bone and trim the tail. I love to feel his precum, so it feels slippery against my skin. It stands out to me and looked down and there it is, the tail, as an impressive sight, simply because to me, me wa
Quotes rm through and leaking. When it gets hard again, sliding his cock between my legs with his foreskin and precum that " fuck " me between my legs and I got in my thigh muscles around your penis and feel beat, when he sent her ass back and forth, rubbing against her pubic shaving my penis and testicles, the head of his cock touched the sheet, the diffusion of moisture between my thighs and the bed beneath me. We spent hours on this and fondling, kissing,The taste, as the rain beats against the window. We work with me sitting astride his face, his long tongue licking me at the base of my balls, masturbating in my perineum and my anus while she finished me, and I see it, it 's big cock. I first - get a double and a double ejaculation. I inject into my chest, a deep and long -term stream of semen from my balls and lick my hole as another sound of my balls, a moment later is making me twitch and back, splashing his chest and forms a pool at the base of the throat . I lean forward, and how he beats his meat impressive, I have to disturb the head of his cock with my tongue, licking my freudbox balls as he continued, in between my legs and my ass till my change come chin and on his stomach the taste, and I was pretty jism. that was two weeks ago, and we have incredible sexual freudbox ecstasy twice since then, for hours exploring the other, always high on sex. Of course, the Biggest is, if I may, that the big tail, long, deep into his ass, in my hard and spunking in my gut. He has gotten some of that up there, but it is so large that it will take a hell of a lot for me to relax, take it. But we have enough time to get there.


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This is a true story about recent events. was a really miserable weekend and wet, but I did not care : K had told me that he came to my house, so we could have sex for the first time. When he arrived, we were soon to my room, not to the point. I'm in my 40 years, and only a little overweight. I have a 5 - ½ inch cock, but what it lacks in size it does for pure <b>freudbox</b> lust - that can last for hours to build ! K is talking in this 40 years old and is very thin, with no real form. He does not even have hills tits, but characterized her nipples very hard and are ideal for vacuuming. We are in bed, freudbox stripped to her underwear, and I'm oozing pre-cum through my lycra shorts. After lots of kisses and caresses, freudbox you get to a position 69, although we still have our underwear. K licking my precum through my boxers, while his balls sucked through his pants. I pull the fabric aside to test the manySkinesse your skin between her legs, and then a little more, so you can test your scrotum, slightly salty sweat, he does the same for me. At this point, I'm <u>freudbox</u> not very aware of how big or small your cock. I can use my tongue on his pants, feeling her eggs are large, however. When he finally comes to me (I'm on my back up ), it turns <u>freudbox</u> around and pulls down his shorts too tight, I encourage the size of his cock. He is still very limp, but its tail is about one third of the distance between his thin legs, and his balls hanging below. "Damn," I say. "That's pretty damn big! " Of course, I'll start to look forward to all of them because I'm much smaller, but he drops his pants and happily chows down on my cock